Precision Toolmaking & Injection Moulding


Acorn Plastech's tooling facility is fully equipped with the latest modern equipment, allowing us to produce customer's tooling both cost effectively and with minimum lead times. We believe our customers prefer to have their tooling designed, manufactured and moulded under one roof, as this ensures a continuity in quality and provides a quick turnaround for any tooling modifications or maintenance.

    Toolmaking services we provide:

  • Full 3D solid/surface CAD modelling
  • In house tool design
  • CNC machining
  • Wire erosion
  • Spark erosion
  • Rapid/prototype tooling
  • Low volume cost effective tooling
  • Fully automated high volume multi cavity tooling
  • Tooling modifications and maintenance

We produce all our tooling from high quality hardened tool steel, even for our low volume/prototype tools.  Many of our competitors produce tooling in aluminium claiming long tool life and quality.  However,we are confident that due to our modern toolmaking facility we can produce steel tooling as competitively as aluminium, leaving you without the worry of poor quality mouldings due to premature tool wear and damage.

At Acorn Plastech, we our proud to be a British manufacturing company which is one of the reasons we don't out source any tooling overseas.  As our tooling is manufactured in house it gives us the opportunity to respond promptly to any design changes or modifications which has proved to be priceless for many of our clients.


If you require any further information regarding your tooling requirements please feel free to contact us via phone or email by clicking here.